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Principles of Our Practice

  • Don't accept the accusations against you as truth.
  • Zealous preparations for trial yields favorable results.
  • We don't plea bargain cases for convenience.

Our Qualifications

  • All Texas Courts
  • All Federal Crimes
  • All Criminal Misdemeanors and Felonies
  • Federal Southern District of Texas
  • Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Staff Profiles

Zachary Maloney photo

Zachary Maloney

Zach holds a B.A. from Texas A&M University and received his J.D. from Thurgood Marshall School of law. Zach was also a police of officer for the city of Bryan, Texas. As a law enforcement officer he performed numerous arrests, and filed investigations from narcotics, assaults, and other crimes. His experience in the field as a patrol officer has been invaluable in helping clients wrongly accused. His unique perspective offers a real look at what an offense report means as opposed to what it states. After law school Zach became an Assistant District Attorney for the 81st District Court. This district covered five Texas counties. In this rural setting Zach's duties covered every aspect of a felony case from intake, to grand jury, indictment, pretrial, trial and appeal. With only 5 attorneys to represent such a large area the caseload covered everything a felony prosecutor would ever face.

A short stint with a civil firm in Alvin, Texas gave Zach the tools and knowledge to have a successful civil practice. Eventually, he decided that his main interest, knowledge and experience was in criminal defense. After a couple of years of a successful general practice, Zach was retained on a case and invited the expertise of his colleague Calvin Parks. Preparing and trying that case together lead to the formal creation of Maloney and Parks, L.L.P. in January 2007. With the creation of the partnership, Maloney and Parks, LLP is able to expand their criminal and civil practice beyond Galveston and is better able to serve their clients.

Calvin Parks photo

Calvin Parks

Calvin D. Parks has always believed in fighting for the proverbial underdog. Calvin was born and raised in La Marque, Texas. Calvin graduated from La Marque High School in 1993. Calvin then attended the University of Texas at Austin on an academic scholarship. Calvin decided to major in government/political science with the hope of fulfilling his ultimate lifelong goal of attending and graduating from law school. Calvin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin after three years in 1996. Calvin then enrolled at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in 1997. Calvin graduated from law school and was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 2000.

Calvin joined the Galveston County District Attorney's office in 2001. While assigned to the misdemeanor division Calvin gained valuable experience and insight into the practice of law. Calvin tried 20 cases during his two years as an assistant criminal district attorney. Calvin left the District Attorney's Office to open his own private law practice in 2003. It was at this time Calvin decided that he would enjoy serving his community as a criminal defense attorney. He felt that he could serve by helping to protect the rights of those whose rights were placed into jeopardy by the powerful resources of the State. Calvin also began to expand his practice repertoire at this time as well. Calvin began to practice probate, family, real estate, and civil law during this time. After four years as a solo practitioner, Calvin joined forces with his colleague Zachary Maloney to form the general practice law firm Maloney & Parks, LLP in 2007. Calvin currently practices criminal defense primarily, but does still practice within the civil arena. He still believes that the size of the dog in the fight isn't important, what's important is the size of the fight in the dog.

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